Friday, November 3, 2017

Change how Voicemail Messages are Played

By default, the district's new Cisco phones add a lot of additional information to the playback of each voicemail message (e.g. the number of the caller, the date and time of the message, the duration of the message). If you receive a lot of voicemail, listening to all of this information for every message can quickly become tedious. Fortunately, it's easy to change how voicemail messages are played back and you can remove some or all of the additional information, making playback much quicker. The settings are a little buried in the menus, so here is how to access them:
  1. Login to the voicemail box that you would like to change. If you have have access to multiple voicemail boxes (e.g. School Office voicemail, Absentee Line voicemail, and personal voicemail), you need to change these settings for each mailbox
  2. Once you start to hear the voice of the phone attendant, press "0" on the phone dialpad for "Additional Options"
  3. Press "4" to "Change Mailbox Settings"
  4. Press "0" for "Additional Options"
  5. Press "5" to "To Work with How Messages are Played"
  6. Press "3" to "Choose How Voice Messages are Played"
  7. Press "2" to "Set Which Components of the Header WIll be Played"
  8. Press "1" to stop including "Sender Information", press "2" to stop including "Date and Time Information", or press "3" to stop including "Message Duration Information"
  9. When you're finished making adjustments, hang up the phone or press the "End Call" button
You can change these settings at any time, so feel free to try different options until you find the combination of information that works best for you.

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