Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Accessing the PARCC Practice Tests

If you would like to use the PARCC Practice Tests and Tutorials with your students, here are instructions on how to use the TestNav app on a Chromebook to access the PARCC Practice Tests. You can also share the Practice Tests with parents by sending them a link to
  1. IMPORTANT: Students should NOT login to the Chromebook using their Smithfield Google account. Instead, students need to click the “Apps” button at the bottom of the screen and click “TestNav”
  2. If the Chromebook has NEVER been used for PARCC testing or the PARCC Practice Tests, the students will see a screen asking them to select their assigned test. The students need to choose “PARCC Training”. IF the students do NOT see a screen asking them to select their assigned test, skip to Step 4
  3. A “Sign In” screen will appear. Students need to verify that “PARCC Training” appears at the top. If it doesn’t, they will need to re-select the assigned test in the next step
  4. IF the students do NOT see “PARCC Training” displayed at the top of the “Sign In” screen, they will need to click on the “Person” icon at the top of the screen and click “Choose a different customer”. The students will then need to select “PARCC Training” (STEP 2)
  5. At the PARCC Training Sign In screen, click the "Practice Tests" link
  6. Select a Content Area, select a grade level, and select a test unit
  7. Click "Start Test Now" (no need to enter a name)
  8. Click "Start Section"
  9. Once students are done with the Practice Test, they should click on the User Dropdown Menu (the person icon) and click "Sign out of TestNav"
  10. To exit the TestNav app, students should hold down the power button on the Chromebook until the screen goes black